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701 Bluff City Hwy

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8:00 - 10:00

7 Days a Week

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Licensed in TN and VA

Pre-Sale FAQ’s

Question: How are you different from other real estate agents?

     Andrew:  I don’t disappear once the For Sale sign hits the yard! I’ve developed aggressive tactics and tech-driven marketing strategies over nearly 2 decades of selling homes that push your house along the path to sold quickly and efficiently. The days of sticking a sign in the yard and crossing your fingers are outdated.  I have developed a strict plan that my clients and I follow during a set time frame to hit the market hard with tech-driven tactics and smart planning, meaning your entrance into the market is planned and detailed. Even after a deal is made, I don’t do the disappearing act you may have experienced with other realtors. I use methods to create leverage and keep sellers in control so we can finish strong.  

Question:  How many homes did you list last year?

     Andrew:  I only work with a handful of clients at one time, and that’s by design. It’s my goal to deliver a quality real estate experience and not over-schedule with a high quantity of listings. That way, you get far more attention from me and I spend far more money on you than what other agents can provide. Would you rather get a tailored experience, or a one size fits all? Last year alone I sold 97% of the homes I listed and was involved in 35 transactions. I list homes I believe in and I work with clients who believe in my methods. The results prove it works.

Question:  What makes your Sold in 30 to 60 Days approach so successful?

     Andrew:  I am a straight to the point person and my program follows that directness. This program is the quickest and most optimum path from point A to point B, tailored to your home and its market. There is no wasted time or wasted movements. It is highly tech-driven and your home’s image on the market is carefully planned and crafted. Your product (your home is now a product, remember!) is placed exactly where it should be with content that pushes your home above other listings.  This approach is direct and it is precise. The end result is an assurance for my sellers that I placed their home on the market with the most high-end tools available in the best possible scenario for their home to sell.

Question:  What happens if we agree on a price and then the buyer wants multiple items fixed after a home inspection?

     Andrew:  I often tell homeowners to consider doing a home inspection up front and repairing items listed in the report.  That way, you avoid the issue altogether.

Question:  How long have you been selling homes?

     Andrew:  Over 15 years. When I started, we wrote offers on carbon copy contracts and had to hand deliver every contract (you couldn’t scan and simply email them!) to submit offers.  I have watched entire firms rise and fall over the years and watched agents come and go. I made it through the real estate crash of 2008 when nothing was selling and kept moving forward in my career as a REALTOR when most agents got out of the business. I’m still here! Those trying years stripped the entire real estate industry to the core and the ones who went through it know first-hand what it takes to move a house in hard times. Captains are made by sailing through the hardest storms.

Question:  I’ve had trouble selling my house with REALTORS before. How can I trust you?

     Andrew:  I want what you do, success and a positive working relationship. I chose this career path because it provides a way for me to take care of others in a creative and exciting way. Almost every deal is different and many have some really difficult problems to solve, something I love to take on. For me, all of it is about you and your next chapter as a homeowner – I wouldn’t enjoy my career if I was not successful in helping you get where you want to go. The true payoff for me is when we close out your home and you open the next chapter in your journey.  To be a part of that over and over again with clients never gets old. I am driven to experience that with everyone who lets me help them. The accomplishment of a job well done is something money can never replace! 


2019 Sold in 30 to 60 Days Program

Client Testimonials

“Can't recommend Andrew highly enough!

We bought a home from a client he was representing and he then went on to sell three homes for us. All of those homes received offers within two weeks and one even received an offer after one day of being listed. He even sold our last home while we were living abroad. He took care of so many details in that sale that we were unable to do and made the process so easy.

We have worked with other realtors in the area and abroad and none are as professional, efficient, or as trustworthy as Andrew. 100% recommend!”

Audra Q

“Andrew is the absolute BEST!! Sold our home in a day.”

Wanda W

“Andrew was always available. He always either answered your phone call right away or got right back with you. He always offered to help us anytime we needed it. He helped us buy a home, sell one, and now getting ready to buy a new one.”

Jerrod P

Real Estate News and Updates

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