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Interactive listings, hi-tech market targeting, 360 smart phone tours of the entire house – do those things really matter when selling a home?



The latest real estate technology, in the hands of the best realtors, shows potential buyers why it’s the perfect choice.  Digital and virtual reality tours invite exploration of your property’s unique elements, interactive multimedia brings a listing to life, vibrant photos and video make your home stand out from the rest.  Technology lets potential buyers fall in love with your home from the very start!

No sign in the yard or grainy black and white photo in the paper can do that on its own.  Quite simply, selling your home with technology drives results. 

Here’s how.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Realtors who embrace hi-tech methods know the more visual a listing can be, the more attention it can mean for the home.  Interactive experiences captivate buying audiences and that’s what really matters in the real estate game.  

Not every real estate agent knows how or why to use technology, though.  Only the best Realtors recognize that the future of the industry will be defined by the high-tech ways we communicate and the platforms that add convenience to our lives.  Technology gives you an edge by providing the tools to highlight your home’s top features and bring in offers more quickly.


Show Prospective Buyers What Your Home Offers

Does your home feature elegant spaces with classic fixtures that are perfect for entertaining?  Cozy nooks and multi-function storage built-ins that help organize a busy family household?  Don’t just tell potential buyers about it – show them!

A knowledgeable and experienced real estate agent will use things like 360 smart phone tours and interactive social media galleries to show off what makes your house a perfect home.  Interactive listings quickly draw buyers in.  Online tools weed out passive audiences to connect you with serious home seekers only. 


Interactivity Increases Interest

Old school methods of buying and selling homes are hit and miss, leaving you at the mercy of busy schedules.  Remember when Open Houses were the best way to bring in the buying crowd?  Your agent would pick a date weeks in advance for prospective buyers to see the inside of your home.  But here’s the problem: the single open house date only fits the schedules of a portion of the buyers.  You lose prospects as a result.

Our busy lives mean convenience matters more than ever before.  Interactive home tours that are available online as part of a multimedia listing mean your home is ready to show whenever a buyer is ready to look.  The person who will buy your home is browsing online for their next perfect home.  Don’t miss the opportunity to capture their attention.  In other words, bypassing technology as an essential part of your real estate listing means you miss out on potential sales.


Social Media Matters

Realtors who embrace the power of social media are connecting buyers and sellers online now more than ever before.  Property spotlights targeted to specific audiences are replacing random online ads because they work!  These technology-driven methods allow your realtor to get homes in front of the right people at the right time and to show your ads only to people looking for the type of home you are selling.

Posting your home listing on social media also gives real estate agents real-time feedback on what prospective buyers like and what they don’t.  Realtors who use social media as part of their overall strategy have a deeper understanding of the type of listings that appeal to buyers and can use that knowledge to sell your home.


Technology Translates Into Faster Sales

By the time you’ve decided to sell, you’re ready to get on with your life.  You likely have plans for the money you’ll make from the sale, so the last thing you want is a slow process.  A home that sits on the market for month after month means you’re waiting longer than you want to begin the next chapter of your life.  Talented realtors who use technology to attract buyers find their listings move faster than those who use only traditional means.


Why Home Sellers Trust Andrew Neese

Andrew Neese is passionate about selling homes and enjoys walking clients through this critical chapter in their lives.  His tech-driven programs for marketing homes means it can happen for more families when results matter most.  Andrew Neese will guide you along the journey from For Sale to Sold.  His experience, mastery of technology and satisfied customers are the reason Andrew Neese is the next generation of real estate. 

2019 Sold in 30 to 60 Days Program

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